Raised in Oregon, Aged in California, Like a Fine Cheese…

A former child and competitive sleeper, I'm a small business owner of a digital agency called DigiSavvy. I live in Los Angeles (Pasadena, since I know you're gonna ask where).

I have a son who is twenty-one and attending Uni twenty-two-year-old college grad. I'm incredibly proud of him! Additionally, I'm a small business owner of a boutique digital studio called DigiSavvy. I also have a product called IgnitionDeck, which does self-hosted crowdfunding for WordPress!

If you're coasting through life you're going downhill…

Mehrdad Mohdjtahedi, a dear friend

Aspiring to…

Showing up for myself and others and to be a better version of myself every day.


Let the past go, accept what has been, and move on with whatever will be.

Fear less.


The open web and open source, small business, shopping small, community, transparency, inclusivity, and opening doors for others are important to me. If these are shared values, you should reach out, too.

Other things I like

  • The Portland Trailblazers and not liking the Lakers
  • Los Angeles Angels
  • Illustration
  • Writing
  • Exploring LA's neighborhoods, secret walks and staircases, and foods
  • Traveling
  • Street Photography
  • I enjoy running, reading about personal finance, and meditation (although I'm not very good at it).


He's also a fan of writing and has contributed his writings to Rolling Stone, the Urban Dater, and Huffington Post. He even has a weird fetish movie appearance out there somewhere.

He likes illustration, reading picture books, improv, and asking deep probing questions of complete strangers like a creep.

Overheard in the world…

He's the best kid that was ever born


Lisa Vasquez


You look like the terminator at the end of every Terminator movie…



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