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Alex Has Nice Hair

I'm a WordPress Developer, based in Los Angeles. I run a Digital Creative Agency, called DigiSavvy. I can't resist a Hendricks… Oh, and I've got some nice hair.

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Help Scout Desk. The Support Ticketing Tool WordPress is Missing

There I was writing up a post about a then soon-to-be-released plugin called Sprout Invoice, by a cool fella named Daniel Cameron (I call him Tito, although he doesn’t like that, too much). I got to check out the beta version, but it does some critical things very simply. Handling payments and deposits for estimates […]

Pet Projects

Those of you that know me, in the WP community circles have, at one point, heard me go on about a starter theme I’d been working on. I’m still working away at it and with these things, there’s never a done, done place. You can always grab a copy of the starter theme over on […]

The Thing About Networking

I’m probably the last person you’d want to listen to when it comes to networking. I don’t feel comfortable doing it, even though it’s an essential part of business and personal development. Why do I feel so “odd” when I network? It’s not “natural” to me. Different people from different backgrounds, who otherwise wouldn’t be […]

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