WordCamp LA 2014

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Just ahead of 7am here and with a warm cup of pretentious coffee from an obscure region of the world, I can push my frames up to the bridge of my nose and start typing. WordCamp LA 2014 is officially in the books and we’re going through all the stuff and things that need to be wrapped up. All in all based off of the great feedback and all the folks I met this weekend who took something with them I think WCLAX 2014 was pretty damn awesome! Self hi-five!

I appreciate the community so much. I appreciate all the support we get from so many people. I appreciate that this is bigger than any one person. I appreciate that this will go on even if we aren’t around to help, because there’s an awesome community who will pick it up and take it further. I appreciate our sponsors, volunteers, speakers and my fellow organizers for making this thing happen.

Adam Silver sums up a lot of what I feel after a WordCamp here.

This is a post that could go on forever. I think I might just break it down into a couple smaller chunks, though…

For now, I’m just a guy sitting in his chair spinning around with the biggest and goofiest smile on his face.

Thank you everyone. Y’all make it so easy to want to do this thing called WordCamp. =)

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