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This post was last updated 09/02/2017

Hey folks, I wanted to share some links/resources that may be of benefit to some.

Before I do, I wanted to throw this note out first. I truly enjoy being a part of the WordPress community. I enjoy it because of what I learn, how it humbles me and what I can teach others. I’m always amazed about the fact that anyone of any talent and skill can participate and give back. Anyone. It’s inspiring to see folks take time out of their busy schedules to spend a couple hours to learn; teach and just participate. This community is only as good as what everyone puts back into it. So don’t be afraid to ask the “noob” question; don’t be afraid to state something that’s incorrect. I do that sh*t all the time! Whatever you do, just participate and own your place in this awesome community and I promise you it will take care of you.

So I hope you guys come back to the Pasadena Meetup again. =)

Okay, enough of that nonsense, let’s get to brass tacks…


Relegated, right now, for those meetups in SoCal and surrounding areas. If you have one you’d like to list, post a comment.

For users just getting started with WordPress, joining one of the active Facebook communities is a great places to start. The one thing I would tell you is to do your research so you can ask a well-informed question.

OCWP – Great group! Helpful folks! https://www.facebook.com/groups/OCWordPress

WordPress 101 Meetup, hosted by the brilliant, lovely and awesome Natalie MacLees – http://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-WordPress-101

For more advanced/intermediate users:
AdvancedWP – https://www.facebook.com/groups/OCWordPress

These are both groups you have to ask to join.

MOAR WordPress Meetups

WordPress Pasadena (Beginner and Developer Focused)

Theme Development and Learning the Ropes

Learning how to build themes
– WordPress Theme Tutorial 2nd Edition by Michelle Langston: http://themeshaper.com/2012/10/22/the-themeshaper-wordpress-theme-tutorial-2nd-edition/

The first edition of that guide, got me up and running and thirsty to learn more, it was written by Automattic Theme Wrangler Ian Stewart (have a serious one-sided bromance with that fella)

WordPress Training 
If you need some help learning WordPress and you do better with one-to-one instruction, then you have got to talk to my friend Lucy Beer. Training and Coaching is her bag, man. I use have her  help out my clients who ask for training. They love her and so will you. http://webtrainingwheels.com

Also BobWP, is a well known training resource: http://bopwp.com


http://ithemes.com/exchange/ This plugin was recently sold. I’m not sure what the future looks like, but given their timeline we’ll soon find out.
– https://easydigitaldownloads.com/

WordPress and Business

This next link is from the business track of WordCamp San Diego 2013. If you’re in business for yourself, or with others, I really, really feel that each and every one of these videos has something valuable to offer. Truly. I find myself referring back to them from time to time.


Plugins I like to use — I like a good plugin more than most. If you want to see what I use and like, check out my WordPress profile and see what plugins I dig. You may find a new favorite. Buy me a beer if you do. =)


Plugins I use on every project (Production) — These plugins are indispensable to me and see use on every project

Plugins I use on every project (Development)

  • What the File — Tells you what page templates are being called
  • Developer (Installs show IDs, Debug Bar, Debug Bar Extender)
  • Migrate DB Pro — LOVE! Sync your Databases by pulling and pushing them in real time, over AJAX. Sweet!
  • Advanced Custom Fields — Add custom fields to WordPress posts, custom post types, users and more.
  • Query Monitor — Great for seeing the various queries that happen on your site and pages when they’re loaded up.

Front End Editors

  • Velocity Page
  • Beaver Builder – It’s pretty much my fave. I’m not a fan of all the markup it generates, but it’s a good page builder
  • Thrive Content Builder — Another awesome front end page builder that I came across recently. Seems to work pretty well. Comes with a few more bells and whistles out of the box than Velocity Page. I’m using it on my agency site (DigiSavvy.com).
  • Barley for WordPress — I haven’t used, but have heard some awesome things about this plugin as well. There’s also a Drupal (Hissssss!) version of the tool

WordPress Maintenance and Fix-it Help

  • WP Site Care — Ran by Ryan Sullivan, a true Gentleman, Thug and BBQ Buddy! A great fella with a top notch company that handles all the things WordPress. Can’t recommend him highly enough.
  • Maintainn — Headed up by chief ass kicker, Shayne Sanderson, Maintainn is among the early WordPress maintenance providers. They offer solid plans for those looking for that hand-holding type help. Shayne is awesome and knows his sh*t.

Web Hosting

I only give two sh*ts about two three hosts right now. WP Engine and Siteground. That. is. it! Everyone else can get bent…

  • Pantheon Hosting – My company is an agency partner. We trust them with all of our dev work now and implore our clients to host with them.
  • WP Engine — WP Engine is the f*cking boss of managed WP Hosting. No doubt about it. The field is still playing “catch up” while WP Engine continues to innovate with their offering as well as being champions within the community. They’re just great folks providing great support and hi-performance hosting. How much do I like them? My most critical projects/clients are hosted on WP Engine.
  • Siteground — After getting burned by Hostgator and Bluehost, I really wanted to jump off a cliff if I ever had to deal with shared hosting again. Truth is, you can’t get away from it. But There are companies that take hosting seriously, Siteground does just that. Sure, it’s shared hosting, but it’s really effing good! Why? Well, they offer WP Optimized hosting, for one. They also do snapshot backups, provide a staging area, provide Git Repo setup… I mean, I that’s pretty rad, but their support? It’s phenomenal. Sure, sometimes you hit an agent who may not be great, but they get back to me within minutes typically. It’s pure insanity.