It’s my birthday. Today I’m forty-one or, as I like to put it “forty-fun.” It’s a good bit older than I thought I’d make it. Stupid stunts, drugs, and over much alcohol consumption couldn’t bring me down. I’m still here.

I do a thing on the morning of my birthday. It’s an odd thing but I head over to Diego Goldberg’s website to look at his Arrow of Time. No doubt you’ve seen it or read about it somewhere (link).

Why? I don’t really know. Time is persistent and it’s always moving and pulling us along for the ride irrespective of what we do. Each year the family gets a year older, a year shabbier, and, really, just another year closer to what happens next. I guess it’s comforting knowing or seeing other people go through this stuff, too.


My friend Lizz asked me my own question, So what did you lesson did you learn this past year? I told her to instantly shut her flavor hole with such questions! But actually, that didn’t happen because she terrifies me.

I knew the answer immediately. Sometimes success happens as a result of not quitting and not so much actual skill. Sometimes. When I was twenty I don’t think I’d had guessed I’d own a small business and work for myself. But I do.

I’m grateful for what I have and for those things that I do not have I’m learning that it’s okay not to have them.


How does one celebrate my birthday? Well, just so you know, there are two days I celebrate. One is my birthday and the other day is April 5th, my name day.  Both can be enjoyed in the same way!

How to celebrate my birthday without me

  • No gifts, please. Instead, donate to a charity. Solving homelessness and drug rehabilitation are two causes that are important to me.
  • Find a wine (likely a Pinot Noir) from the Willamette Valley and drink it.
  • Find a good beer from a brewery in Salem, Or. Anthem Cider is produced in Salem if you want a really good cider.
  • Eat cherries! Lots and lots of cherries!! Rainier cherries are preferred by me.
  • Take a photo of yourself wearing a Portland Trailblazer’s jersey and send it to me.
  • Tell someone that they’re awesome.

Some of my favorite people and some places from my big day…