T-Mobile Slow Hotspot Connection with the Nexus 5


The above link pointed me to a solution I was having with my Nexus 5, on the T-Mobile network. I’ve been experiencing painfully slow connection when using my phone’s tethering capability. After getting no resolution (although rather helpful and generally awesome) from customer and technical support at T-Mobile, I doubled my research and found the answer was simply to change the APN setting from IPv6 to IPv4.

  • Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  • Select your T-Mobile APN setting. In this case, for me, it was T-Mobile GPRS (fast.t-mobile.com)
  • Select “APN Protocol” and select IPv4. Your phone’s network connection will reset and you’ll be offline for a moment or two and then you can connect. Go ahead and connect a device (iPad, laptop etc) and bask in the glory of a working mobile hotspot connection via your phone! Kaboom!