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So, I ran 9 miles today. I took a nap and for the last few hours I’ve burned away on a starter theme. It’s called ‘Some Like it Neat’ and you can fork it here, on Github.

The project isn’t a big deal. It’s, like many projects, just something I’m toying around with. I want to build a lean starter theme with a little more stuff in it than something like Underscores provides. As of this writing, my blog is running an early, early version of the theme.

Who gives a shit and why are you doing this?

Your mom? For more than a year now, I’ve been rolling themes from starter themes and it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned so much by doing so. Previously I was a big Genesis fanboy and I still am. It’s a solid framework, in my opinion. But it has a lot of shit I don’t need. So I set out to build something a little simpler. Additionally, it would give me a chance to get my hands dirtier with Sass and using Bourbon (a Sass library ย of mixins and functions) along with Neat (Bourbon’s grid framework).

That’s great, why not use Compass along with Bootstrap or Foundation. I like Foundation, I’ve used Foundation and it is a lot more than what I need. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great. But the thing I’m trying to do here is do more with a bit less. I’m using tools where they make sense. I think great flexibility can be achieved very simply. So I just want to build a simple theme, that’s easy to ramp up that you don’t have to fight against (which is the thing I am annoyed with when working with frameworks).

So what’s in the box, foo?

Good question.

  • Bourbon (Sass goodies)
  • Neat (Grid Framework)
  • Coming soon โ€” Theme Hook Alliance to use hooks in the starter theme. Typically, hooks see a lot more use in frameworks than they do in starter themes. I love working with hooks and I think they make managing a theme so much easier. It’s just a preference.
  • Sass, of course. I’ve used it on a few projects, but I don’t really think I’m using it for all it can do. Natalie MacLees schooled me on some responsive Sass trickery a few weeks back and it’s literally changed my view on Sass from being a “nifty tool” to something that’s just badass and a must use in any project going forward.

What’s Next?

I’m going to keep plugging away on it, but my hope is to get some contributions from my local WordPress community and beyond.

Let me know what you think and feel free to contribute.

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