Secret Stairs of LA Walk #3 – Glassell Park

The world is burning, folks, but hey, I did another of these walks and it was fucking decent!

Alrighty, I did my third secret stairs of LA walk this past week. Walk number three put me over in Glassell Park, which is where one of my favorite breakfast spots is located as well as one of my favorite coffee shops! If you’re curious, it’s the Lemon Poppy Kitchen and Habitat. If you’ve been out with me you’ll note that I’m a big fan of “hipster” type places, which both those eateries are.

There’s a shopping center at the intersection of Avenue 40 and Eagle Rock Blvd where you can park your car. Also, there’s an awesome fish market, too!

This walk just gets right to it, with an uphill strut on Avenue 40. At the intersection with Sandia Way, you’ll see your first set of steps—they lead up to Verdugo View (fun fact, Scandia was a shitty mini-golf place in the Inland Empire where you could get high af and have unprotected sex with people your parents told you to avoid!).

The next set of steps isn’t for a while, so just look around and enjoy the views and quirky homes. You can catch majestic views of the 134 and Occidental College (they’re not really that majestic, I hope you caught the sarcasm!).

You’ll end up winding around on Palmero for a bit, turning left on Nordica and then Olancha. Eventually, you’ll hit this hairpin turn and take these stairs down that are covered by a canopy of trees, probably trash, and poor life decisions. It’s pretty interesting, really; the fences on either side of the path leading down to these stairs are in various states of disrepair, much like your cousin’s shitty party-too-hard-let’s-do-one-more-line-of-coke body.

You’ll get down to Oneanta Dr whether you like it or not because, let’s face it, you can’t fly. You’ll take Oneanta and you’ll like it and for a while, too, until you get to one of the city’s few five-way intersections. City planners really failed the good people of LA with this fuck-sore.

You could go visit Jessica’s Triangle, but why?

So turn your ass sharply left down Nob Hill where you can see a fine collection of garages. Eventually, you’ll get to Frieda—it’s there where you’ll find your next and final set of steps. These steps are really neat as they have a bunch of murals painted on them all the way down. Love. It!

The stairs deposit you next to Cleland Bicentennial Ave. Park and a good reason to become a skateboarder. It’s a pyramid type staircase for some reason, with stairs on the left and right of the main steps. I have a feeling the same team who worked on that five-way shit show had something to do with this set of stairs, too.

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