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The past month has seen me in this frenzied state of trying to complete projects and learn as much as I could about a few different topics before I headed out of town (which I am happy to say: I’m out of town now!). That said, I wanted to drop some links that have kept me coming back of late…

  • Bourbon & Neat and Bourbon is a SASS library of goodies and Neat is a grid framework built on top of Bourbon. Both have led me to learn much more about SASS and go forward on my own theme project. Definitely worth checking out as I think they serve as a valid alternative to things like Compass and Bootstrap/Foundation etc.
  • Dashicons— Similar to Genericons, but made for use in your WordPress Backend (of course you can use them where ever you like). I like em and have a couple I’m using in a current project
  • Learn to Run a Viable Business — Good read about running a freelance business. This has become an especially timely read for me of late.
  • Bidsketch Blog — This is a service I used to use quite a bit at one point. It seems this year they’ve really upped the quality of their blogging, as they put out more frequent useful content. Really great stuff from, of course, writing great proposals and how to develop more business etc. Worth a read.
  • Brian Gardner’s Blog — If you know anything about WordPress, then you’ll know who this cat is. He’s kind of a big deal and his blog is chalk-full of goodies. Well, it used to be. What I mean by that is that he used to post all sorts of great tutorials. Now, he’s taken a more personal turn on his blog, as he writes about things outside of “the business” (something we should all do) that are personal to him; and the guy has been writing excellent stuff. I’m especially taken by his need to become more of a “minimalist.” Something that I am currently striving to do in my own life… Definitely worth a read.

I’ll keep compiling the lists to share for next time. Say something nice to me, dangit!


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