Recent Linkage, the New Year Edition

Just some recent links that caught my interest of late

PushBullet: – An Android app that helps you push content like links, addresses, files and images from/to your phone and from/to chrome, or from/to a friend also using it. Pretty cool and free… Much better than Chrome to Phone…


NutCache and DuetApp

In my annual review of work and things, tools and stuffs I always look at what tools are out there and if there’s anything new and I found two things that were interesting, although I don’t plan on using them…

NutCache: An online and free online invoicing, project management tool. Nice interface, but not enough of the parts I want and not much in the way of integrations for 3rd party services. That said, it’s free and looks solid.

Duet App: DuetApp is a self-hosted solution for task and project management. Well designed, simple and client user interface. It’s not something I can use; but it’s along the lines of Pancake app, which I’ll link to below. I think this is ideal for the smaller freelancer that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles… It’s 49 bucks, but I don’t think that model will help make a sustainable product. We’ll see…

Bonus Link
Pancake App: Kind of like DuetApp, but it’s been around a few more years, has more development. It’s also self-hosted and has more features than DuetApp. It also has a pretty radass importer to help you import your invoices, clients, projects etc. Definitely worth a look. Again, the same sort of issue with the price/biz-model. That’s a post for another time.

For what it’s worth, for those wanting to know, I use Cashboard and, honestly, it IS really good.


— Solid article on leveling-up your WordPress Dev skills:

— Siteground and ManageWP Integration?:

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