Quick Update on ‘Some Like it Neat.’

I’m still plugging away, learning and tweaking ‘Some Like it Neat.’ If you recall, it’s a project I started putting together a couple of weeks ago leading up to WordCamp Las Vegas. I’d love some more feedback/contributions, obviously.

Things to be added:

  1. Page Templates — Archive, Left/Right Sidebars, improved 404
  2. Post Format Templates — The theme already comes with post format support baked-in; I’d like to offer more specific page templating for post formats however.
  3. Internationalization aka i18n. I’d like to distribute this theme in the WP repo at some point.
  4. Customizer tweaks. Nothing crazy, but I’d like users to manage a few key areas of the theme.
  5. Microformatting — I know very little about this, so I’ll be reading up and pinging my friends on this.

Things to take away?

Perfection is achieved not when there is more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away — Some Mother Fucker

The jury is still out on that; I’ve included some questionable items such as superfish subs. I do like that it offers legacy support for IE; which isn’t something I need to worry too much about these days. It’s just “nice to have.”

I’ve mulled over the “what to include” question for a while. What does MY starting point look like? Well, for me, drop downs, extra page templates etc. But as I thought about it more I asked myself questions: Do I really give a shit about breadcrumb nav? Not really. Do I care about built-in SEO? I mean, sure. I do. But I like Automattic’s recent change in mindset in having ‘features-as-plugins’ and think that I’ll follow suit. To that end I’m using the TGM Plugin Activation to notify users of recommended plugins (just for breadcrumbs right now). I like that approach. A lot.

What’s your starting point? Drop me a comment and let me know.

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