Pet Projects

Those of you that know me, in the WP community circles have, at one point, heard me go on about a starter theme I’d been working on. I’m still working away at it and with these things, there’s never a done, done place.

You can always grab a copy of the starter theme over on my Github repo. Additionally, you can see the theme in action on this very site, this is a very early version of that starter theme. I rebuilt my agency website using my starter theme, called “Some Like it Neat” and I’ve used it on a number of projects since, each time the theme has evolved. I finally got around to building up a site for the theme (see it here) and have begun writing up documentation for using it.

The theme itself isn’t ground-shattering stuff by any stretch, but very cool, to say the least. At least I think so. It’s a fun pet project, though and one that continues to give back to me as I continue to work on it; the process of learning is very hands on. That goes without saying, though, doesn’t it?

I have a couple of themes I’m working on, built on it, that I plan to release on the WordPress theme repo. Stay tuned and as always feedback and pull requests welcome!

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