How to Get the Most Out of a WordCamp

WordCamp Vegas

The reason I remember very little about Saturday evening at WCLV

WordCamps are a great, great time. As someone who has spoken at a couple of WordCamps, attended several more and even co-organized one; I can tell you, from different perspectives, that they are worth your time and attendance.

They give an opportunity to meet new folks, network and learn something new in the process. Also, you get  a chance to really connect with some of the well=known players in the WordPress space and bounce ideas off of them and soak it all up!

I realize you all may know this already. “But, Alex,” you ask; “how can I get the very most out of a WordCamp?” Young Padawan learner, I can help you and give you the answers you seek.

How this Mother F****r gets the most out of a WordCamp

  1. Do — Take lots of notes, copy down URLs to useful products and services (Real FAT Media, Maintainn and WP Site Care, Purple Pen Productions).
  2. Do — Take the time to ask questions. When people like Jeffrey Zinn, Amanda Blum, Steve Zehngut and Konstantin Obenland get up to talk, they are going to share their knowledge on a variety of topics. Make sure to ask questions! These people are super approachable and great people to ping for their opinions.
  3. Do – Take the time to talk to someone new; someone well-known and have those “hallway conversations.” These types of convos provide an opportunity to further make a connect and also gain insight and ideas about what you’re working on. Even as someone who’s been around the WP space for a while I’m still learning so much from people. If you’re shy, this is the time to overcome that fucker.
  4. Do — Take the time to say “hello” to Chris Lema. Much as been written about how great that effing guy is. He’s good people and he’s giving and blah, blah, blah. If you don’t know by know…
  5. Don’t — Drink too much at the After Party. I mean you can, but you don’t want to be that “asshole” that drank too much
  6. Don’t — Call the nicest and most generous fella you know (Chris Lema) to eff off a bunch of times and further tell him you hate him. That shit’s rude.
  7. Don’t — Crumble up your prescription glasses and throw them away for no reason. You’ll have trouble seeing the rest of the time you’re at WordCamp
  8. Don’t — Take flaming shots of ANYTHING!!!!!! Bad, bad, bad idea. Just. Don’t.
  9. Don’t — Drink that much again… until the next time.
  10. Do — Truly, enjoy yourself. Have fun and, remember attendance is an elective process and it is always a good time.

4 thoughts on “How to Get the Most Out of a WordCamp

  1. If Alex is a speaker, don’t walk but run to his presentation. It is always filled with great info and told in a very entertaining way.

  2. And also, if you get the chance, be sure to co-organize a WordCamp with Alex. When the sky is falling, he’ll pull you aside and make you take three deep breaths with him and then everything seems a little bit better.

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