Four Days into the New Year… So What?

Happy New Year! Now buzz off! =)

So it’s a new year and I don’t really do the resolution thing. But there are some things I’m trying to get done this year and hopefully I can accomplish them. If I don’t, then that’s okay, too. But having an eye that looks ahead, toward the future, isn’t a bad thing…

That said, there are some things I’d like to accomplish this year

Stop Using Use Less Profanity in Readme Files

Isn’t she cute? That’s my niece! In addition to being cute she kinda just reads whatever she sees… Yeah, that’s one reason. The other reason is for people contributing to your projects on Github who are having to cleanup my profanity-laced tirades… Sorry.

Do Something Artsy

There are two artsy-type projects I want to kick up this year. One is to at least begin doing an online comic of some sort… The other thing is doing a Children’s Book. Don’t worry. I’m not going to be the one writing it. Actually, this is something I’d like to do with me mum. She doesn’t know this yet, of course and I have just the story for us to work on.

Travel About a Little More…

I’d like to leave the country this year… Nowhere in particular. That is all.

Build a WordPress Product

This is the year that I actually build something for WordPress to sell. Actually, I’m going to have Nathan Tyler do all the hard work, while I rake in the cashes.

Reconnect With Some Muther F*****rs

I’ve been hermitting quite a bit this last half of the year. On the one hand I hate that, because I enjoy peoples’ company; on the other hand, I hate peoples’ company. But I need to make a better effort of it…

Find some interests to dedicate some time to…

One thing I recently began doing was taking up Spanish on my own. I’ve always wanted to be able to have a conversation with my Grandparents and I’ve only got one left; he turns 482 this year, so I should get on that. But I was able to have a few short conversations with him over Christmas, which was pretty cool. =)

Be More Involved…

I don’t know what this means to me yet. Last year, I really wanted to give more and I think I did. I was involved in a few different non-profit projects (Website Weekend LA, GiveCamp and WordCamp LA). I’d like to keep that up.

Step Out of my Comfort Zone a Little More…


Be Healthier, Get Stronger, Do MOAR Health Sh*t

My habits aren’t awful, well, except when they are… I ran a lot last year, but really stumbled October on… My health/back have been up and down and it’s been frustrating. But I’m resolved to keep at it and keep working. A full marathon is still in my sights this year and further defining my one pack!!

No Blacking Out This Year

No joke. A few times this past year I drank to excess and couldn’t remember anything about the evening. That’s just embarrassing. I recently did this at WordCamp Las Vegas. No Bueno, kids. Not only do you look like a buffoon, but you end up losing shit like your dignity and $300 pair of glasses and then plunking down on large bar tabs apparently… No thanks.

Okay, okay. SO one could consider these resolutions… I’d rather not think about them that way, but these are what they are, whatever you want to call them.


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