What if


What if I didn't feel the way that I felt?

What if I didn't beat myself up over my mistakes and poor decisions? What if I accepted that what is done is done?

What if I could let go of the past and let it lie? What if I could let the past die?

What if I didn't allow feat to hold me prisoner?

What if I stopped comparing myself to others?

What if I decided to let things be and let them go?

What if I cared less about pleasing others, keeping the peace, and instead focused on my own peace and pleasure?

What if I started making decisions?

What if I stopped fearing the unknown?

What if I stopped fearing change?

What if I viewed accountability as the tool it truly is rather than the whip I punish myself with?

What if I said no to things I don't want or am not excited about?

What if I cultivated my own peace of mind?

What if I could accept who I am and what I've done?

What if I could just live and let all the things be?

Oh, let me tell you. What a world it would be.

What a world it will be.

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