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Last year I started making use of the bookmarking feature provided by Twitter for tweets I found interesting. Mostly they're business-related. I figured I'd share them here. Even so, I didn't bookmark quite as much as I probably should but it's okay. I'm intent on keeping it going and already have a couple of helpful bookmarks in 2022 (so look out for that list next year).

I didn't spend much time going back to review these bookmarked tweets so here we go.

Note – I still think tweet threads make for better blog posts but, hey, why not both?

Tech-Related Follows for Your Twitters

Reminder: Your Feelings Are Valid

I know it's from 2020 but it's valid and always a good reminder.

Take Advice From Those Who've Been There and Trust Your Gut

There are a lot of people in my space who have positioned themselves as gurus for lack of a better word. Some of them have that experience, they've been there, built something from scratch, put themselves on the line and there are some who haven't. A good question to ask someone who's giving you advice is How have you implemented this for yourself and your business?

The short of it is that there's a combination of things at play that factor into business success. First, what is your definition of success in the first place? Next, the right place/time is a factor aka luck, and old fashioned perseverence.

Being Better Than Good

Jack is someone I met when I was more of an avid blogger over a decade ago. He's well-spoken and his words cut to the heart of whatever he is talking about. This is a good thread and a reminder that Racism is systemic and the systems that support it need to be removed and/or changed. It also includes excellent book recommendations to arm yourself with knowledge. I've only read one of the books on this list Ain't I a Woman by bell hooks, in college so long ago. I've added a couple more to my Good Reads list and will pick at least one to read.

Writing Tips

I don't write as much as I'd like to but I keep an eye out for a good reminder or tip when it comes to writing well. The account is a good follow, too!

Books For Your Mind and Your Soul

I'm always looking for something to read and I usually look to self-help, mental health, or biz books. Admittedly, I haven't read any of these books. But I decided since I'm going through these now, I'll add a few of them to my Good Reads want to read list and pick one for Q1.

And some possibly good suggestions here and it lends itself to my desire to want to read more entertaining books. I added a couple to my Good Reads Want to Read list. One of them is A Gentleman in Moscow

#NoCode Tools

No Code is all the rage these days. It's amazing what tools are out there that let you build complex applications with low or no code. Here are a couple of interesting shares on the topic I bookmarked. I use a couple of the tools listed here such as Notion and Zapier.

Qualifying Clients

If you're a service-based industry then you talk to lots of prospective clients. Lots. I found this to be a helpful discussion as we rebuild our website and rethink how we qualify prospective clients. One interesting resource it led to was That's one thing I'll be trying out in this first quarter.

Because Virgo and Trying to Unlearn Patterns/Coping Mechanisms

Something Inpsiring

I didn't post anything in reply to this tweet but I liked it and have spent some time drilling down the replies…

There are a lot of quotes here, some are inspiring but I think there's a lot of relevant anecdotal shares that are also timely and nice to read. What's your fave?

Old keys seldom unlock new doors. @cpaRostad

Improving Your Landing Pages

My quick take here:

  • Make your copy about your audience and the problems they're experiencing.
  • Aim to be clear over being clever.
  • Performance of your website matters
  • Make your CTAs fewer but important

Let's Taco-bout it

If you live in or near Los Angeles, or you'll be visiting then here's a great list of Tacos to eat by. I've only eaten at three of the places listed here. I need to get to work!

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