Lucy Beer Raises Dollars and Shaves Head. Fights Cancer. Still Looks Good.

I have a lot of faves in the WP community. Lucy Beer is one of the top faves. She raised over 3k this weekend for childrens’ cancer research. She’s such a boss. Way to go, kid.




T-Mobile Slow Hotspot Connection with the Nexus 5

The above link pointed me to a solution I was having with my Nexus 5, on the T-Mobile network. I’ve been experiencing painfully slow connection when using my phone’s tethering capability. After getting no resolution (although rather helpful and generally awesome) from customer and technical support at T-Mobile, I doubled my research and found the answer was simply to change the APN setting from IPv6 to IPv4.

  • Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  • Select your T-Mobile APN setting. In this case, for me, it was T-Mobile GPRS (
  • Select “APN Protocol” and select IPv4. Your phone’s network connection will reset and you’ll be offline for a moment or two and then you can connect. Go ahead and connect a device (iPad, laptop etc) and bask in the glory of a working mobile hotspot connection via your phone! Kaboom!

My WordCamp OC 2013 Saturday Talk

Linda Sherman had mentioned that my talk from WCOC 2013 hadn’t been posted to WordPress.TV. Not a big deal, but it went better than my hungover Sunday presentation. So after pinging my buddy, Jason Tucker, he was able to get the video uploaded to the site and so I can share it with ya! =)

Having some time to think about this and how I’ve grown since this talk, there’s a couple of amendments I’d mention and really break things down by stating that we’re all using a Framework of some sort (unless you’re building from scratch). Genesis, Headway, TwentyFourteen… They’re all Frameworks of some sort… Anyway, video is below. Have a look and lmk what you think.

Direct Link

Soliloquy Dynamic Slider for Current Post and Exclude an ACF Image ID

It’s not as though it was “really” a problem. But that I couldn’t figure it out caused me to lose sleep. I hate that shit.

So what was going on?
I am using Soliloquy along with the Dynamic Addon to automagically create sliders from attached images to the current post.

function digisavvy_dynamic_slider() {
	global $post;
	$dg_post_id = $post->ID;
	if ( function_exists( 'soliloquy_dynamic' ) ) soliloquy_dynamic( array( 'id' => "$dg_post_id" ) );

This snippet grabs the current post ID and stores it in the $dg_post_id variable. Nice.

The problem:
This pulled all the attached images for the current post, as expected. What I didn’t expect was that it pulled an image from an ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) image field I’d set up. Not cool. So I needed to exclude that image from getting pulled into the slider.

function digisavvy_dynamic_slider() {
	global $post;
	$imageArray = get_field('project_cover_image'); // Array returned by Advanced Custom Fields
 	$imageID = $imageArray['id']; // Grab the field's 'ID' from the array
	$dg_post_id = $post->ID; // Grab the current post's 'ID'
	if ( function_exists( 'soliloquy_dynamic' ) ) soliloquy_dynamic( array( 'id' => "$dg_post_id", 'exclude' => "$imageID" ) );

Same code as the previous snippet, except now we’re grabbing data out of the ACF field’s array. First, the field had to be set to ‘Image Object’ as it stores all the gooey meta-data we need.

Next we set the field and store it to the $imageArray variable. And, then, using setting the $imageID variable, we simply pull the ‘ID’ from the image object array and then set the variable inside Soliloquy function for the exclude parameter.

Special props: