Genesis Starter Theme Using Bourbon Neat

And I’m at it again! This time I decided to cobble together a very basic Genesis Starter theme that uses Bourbon Neat. You can find that project here:

Plugging away with different tools is a lot of fun actually and you learn different tricks; apply new ways of thinking and more. I feel like I’ve been on this anti-framework kick of late. I’m not anti-framework. I think they’re great, actually! I just understand better what they are and what they can do to enable me to do my job better. I guess that’s what it really comes down to.

I wanted to break down a Genesis starter theme to its most basic elements, visually, by having a lean CSS base to start from so that you only have to build up and not have to tear down, so to speak….


Quick Update on ‘Some Like it Neat.’

I’m still plugging away, learning and tweaking ‘Some Like it Neat.’ If you recall, it’s a project I started putting together a couple of weeks ago leading up to WordCamp Las Vegas. I’d love some more feedback/contributions, obviously.

Things to be added:

  1. Page Templates — Archive, Left/Right Sidebars, improved 404
  2. Post Format Templates — The theme already comes with post format support baked-in; I’d like to offer more specific page templating for post formats however.
  3. Internationalization aka i18n. I’d like to distribute this theme in the WP repo at some point.
  4. Customizer tweaks. Nothing crazy, but I’d like users to manage a few key areas of the theme.
  5. Microformatting — I know very little about this, so I’ll be reading up and pinging my friends on this.

Things to take away?

Perfection is achieved not when there is more to add, but when there is nothing more…


Some Like it Neat

So, I ran 9 miles today. I took a nap and for the last few hours I’ve burned away on a starter theme. It’s called ‘Some Like it Neat’ and you can fork it here, on Github.

The project isn’t a big deal. It’s, like many projects, just something I’m toying around with. I want to build a lean starter theme with a little more stuff in it than something like Underscores provides. As of this writing, my blog is running an early, early version of the theme.

Who gives a shit and why are you doing this?

Your mom? For more than a year now, I’ve been rolling themes from starter themes and it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned so much by doing so. Previously I was a big Genesis fanboy and I still am. It’s…