My WordCamp OC 2013 Saturday Talk

Linda Sherman had mentioned that my talk from WCOC 2013 hadn’t been posted to WordPress.TV. Not a big deal, but it went better than my hungover Sunday presentation. So after pinging my buddy, Jason Tucker, he was able to get the video uploaded to the site and so I can share it with ya! =)

Having some time to think about this and how I’ve grown since this talk, there’s a couple of amendments I’d mention and really break things down by stating that we’re all using a Framework of some sort (unless you’re building from scratch). Genesis, Headway, TwentyFourteen… They’re all Frameworks of some sort… Anyway, video is below. Have a look and lmk what you think.

Direct Link

On Frameworks Coming to the Rescue

WordPress FrameworksMy last two talks at WordCamps have been about Frameworks vs. Parent/Child Themes vs. Starter themes and why you might choose one over another, given any particular project. It’s not the most exciting topic, but it’s one that’s relevant to a good number of WP Devs out there.

If you have worked with WordPress theme development for any length of time, then you know what tools work best for you. Maybe it’s Roots Theme every time; maybe you’re a Genesis Person; or maybe you roll your own every time. That’s great.

For the last year or so, I’ve been building everything from a starter theme. I love the control that I have and that I’m really building something from very little. It’s been more satisfying, as…