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Alex Has Nice Hair

I'm a WordPress Developer, based in Los Angeles. I run a Digital Creative Agency, called DigiSavvy. I can't resist a Hendricks… Oh, and I've got some nice hair.

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WordPress, Composer, Desktop Server and You

The actual guide to this post is at the bottom. Click here for the tl;dr version. =) I recently wrote about my pet project that I built a site for. In messing around with that project, I’d learned a good deal about Gulp build tools and all the neat things they can do. Yet, one […]

A Rule of 5 to Live By…

Many of my colleagues who work with WordPress have, by now, no doubt  read Matt Mullenweg’s post regarding giving 5% back to the WordPress open source project. It’s a notion that has inspired a lot of discussion already and I don’t think I have much to add to it. I can contribute to the noise, […]

Appending Markup to Slides in Soliloquy

This is a simple little snippet. On a project I’m working I had a need to include social share buttons with each item in a carousel slider. Anyone who asks me knows that I’m a big fan of Soliloquy, from Thomas Griffin Media. I’m a fan because it’s a simple solution with some nifty add-ons […]

Pasadena WordPress Meetup for June

Hey folks! Tomorrow, June 5th is the date for the General WordPress Pasadena Meetup. It’s also an opportunity to grab an extra ticket to WordCamp this weekend. Meetup details can be found here:

Genesis Starter Theme Using Bourbon Neat

And I’m at it again! This time I decided to cobble together a very basic Genesis Starter theme that uses Bourbon Neat. You can find that project here: Plugging away with different tools is a lot of fun actually and you learn different tricks; apply new ways of thinking and more. I feel like I’ve […]

WordPress Pasadena Meetup for May

It’s gonna happen folks, looks like we’re having our meetup in May, after all. So come on out, learn, share and be a thug whilst drinking coffee and eating so many scones that your eyes egg-sploded ** NOTE ** This month we’re meeting at a different location: Copa Vida and they have graciously offered to […]

My Review of Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder is a front end editor for WordPress. A tool like this is something valuable for all users. Why? For me, I want to build a decent looking landing page that doesn’t take a lot of time to set up. For less experienced users, it’s a great way to feel empowered over their content. […]

I’ll Be at the Hollywood WordPress Meetup May 6th — via Twitter

From @weworkla — Do you want to improve your #WordPress [email protected] be sharing his tips at WeWork Hollywood on May 6.

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