WordPress, Composer, Desktop Server and You

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I recently wrote about my pet project that I built a site for. In messing around with that project, I’d learned a good deal about Gulp build tools and all the neat things they can do. Yet, one thing I’d never had, that always knew I wanted was a way to install the proper themes/plugins that I wanted. This was something I’d pursued a couple of years back and left it alone when there was no good answers available… The best answer I could come up with was to have a dev site that had all my commonly used plugins… While, sure, that was cool; let’s face it, it fucking sucks.

So what’s a guy to do?

Well, with build…


A Rule of 5 to Live By…

Many of my colleagues who work with WordPress have, by now, no doubt  read Matt Mullenweg’s post regarding giving 5% back to the WordPress open source project. It’s a notion that has inspired a lot of discussion already and I don’t think I have much to add to it. I can contribute to the noise, however.

From a literal standpoint, 5% can be tough to make sustainable.

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”

— Creighton Adams

The fact is that there are so many ways we can contribute to the thing we make a living off of that is, essentially free. You don’t have to be a “Nacin” you can just be you and contribute in your own way.

While just as important, if not more so, to growing adoption of WordPress, the community around it is…


Appending Markup to Slides in Soliloquy

This is a simple little snippet. On a project I’m working I had a need to include social share buttons with each item in a carousel slider.

Anyone who asks me knows that I’m a big fan of Soliloquy, from Thomas Griffin Media. I’m a fan because it’s a simple solution with some nifty add-ons and does what I need it to without too much fuss.

With the 2.x update Soliloquy added some filters to their plugin, making adding your own markup to your slides easier.

/* Filter to Append HTML to Slides
============================================= */
add_filter( 'soliloquy_output_slide', 'tgm_soliloquy_custom_html', 10, 4 );
function tgm_soliloquy_custom_html( $html, $id, $image, $data ) {

$slider_id = $data; // Get Slider ID
$slider_img= $image; // Optional; Getting Image URL from slider object

if ( '1937' != $slider_id ) return $html; // If the ID doesn't match...


Genesis Starter Theme Using Bourbon Neat

And I’m at it again! This time I decided to cobble together a very basic Genesis Starter theme that uses Bourbon Neat. You can find that project here: https://github.com/digisavvy/genesis-bourbon-neat.

Plugging away with different tools is a lot of fun actually and you learn different tricks; apply new ways of thinking and more. I feel like I’ve been on this anti-framework kick of late. I’m not anti-framework. I think they’re great, actually! I just understand better what they are and what they can do to enable me to do my job better. I guess that’s what it really comes down to.

I wanted to break down a Genesis starter theme to its most basic elements, visually, by having a lean CSS base to start from so that you only have to build up and not have to tear down, so to speak….


Your client wants you to ballpark cost? Never estimate the unknown. #wcmia

Chris Lema

WordPress Pasadena Meetup for May

It’s gonna happen folks, looks like we’re having our meetup in May, after all. So come on out, learn, share and be a thug whilst drinking coffee and eating so many scones that your eyes egg-sploded

** NOTE ** This month we’re meeting at a different location: Copa Vida and they have graciously offered to host us this month. I would ask you to show your appreciation by filling up on soooooo many snacks and caffeines in liquid and solid forms!

Meetup Link: http://www.meetup.com/wordpress-pasadena/events/180626072/


My Review of Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder is a front end editor for WordPress. A tool like this is something valuable for all users. Why? For me, I want to build a decent looking landing page that doesn’t take a lot of time to set up. For less experienced users, it’s a great way to feel empowered over their content. So I saw this mentioned in the Orange County WordPress Facebook Group. I jumped-in and figured it couldn’t be any worse than what’s already out there.

So what was I going to try to build? Something of a landing page like what we see below.

Screenshot 2014-04-28 16.54.18

So what’s the problem?

If you watch the video that Thrive Themes put out for their Content Builder, they hit on the reasons why existing page-builder plugins suck. Specifically…