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Alex Has Nice Hair

I'm a WordPress Developer, based in Los Angeles. I run a Digital Creative Agency, called DigiSavvy. I can't resist a Hendricks… Oh, and I've got some nice hair.

Category / WordCamps

Connecting Dots

I had an awesome time at WordCamp SF this past week. I learned a lot and connected with some amazing folks. But I came away with some ‘Deep Thoughts,’ Jack Handy style… This camp got me thinking and inspired in a way that I hadn’t felt since my first WordCamp. October 2013 this seemingly agitated […]

WordCamp LA 2014

Just ahead of 7am here and with a warm cup of pretentious coffee from an obscure region of the world, I can push my frames up to the bridge of my nose and start typing. WordCamp LA 2014 is officially in the books and we’re going through all the stuff and things that need to […]

My WordCamp OC 2013 Saturday Talk

Linda Sherman had mentioned that my talk from WCOC 2013 hadn’t been posted to WordPress.TV. Not a big deal, but it went better than my hungover Sunday presentation. So after pinging my buddy, Jason Tucker, he was able to get the video uploaded to the site and so I can share it with ya! =) […]

How to Get the Most Out of a WordCamp

WordCamps are a great, great time. As someone who has spoken at a couple of WordCamps, attended several more and even co-organized one; I can tell you, from different perspectives, that they are worth your time and attendance. They give an opportunity to meet new folks, network and learn something new in the process. Also, […]

WordCamp Las Vegas

Are you going to WordCamp Las Vegas? I am. But don’t let that stop you from attending! WordCamps are awesome for a variety of reasons. Mostly it’s to get your learn on, meet some new folks and come away energized. I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Vegas this year. It’s my first time speaking at this […]

WordCamp Los Angeles

Okay, I’m redoing this post because, well, I was lazy. I posted the following quote: “When you find yourself doing something you love for no pay, you know you’re in the right place…” Truer words, right? This past weekend our team of organizers (Natalie Maclees, Ryan Cowles and Nathan Tyler) pulled off WordCamp Los Angeles […]