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Alex Has Nice Hair

I'm a WordPress Developer, based in Los Angeles. I run a Digital Creative Agency, called DigiSavvy. I can't resist a Hendricks… Oh, and I've got some nice hair.

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Connecting Dots

I had an awesome time at WordCamp SF this past week. I learned a lot and connected with some amazing folks. But I came away with some ‘Deep Thoughts,’ Jack Handy style… This camp got me thinking and inspired in a way that I hadn’t felt since my first WordCamp. October 2013 this seemingly agitated […]

The Struggle of Being Nice to Yourself

I have a site with a domain “Alex Has Nice Hair.” It’s tongue-in-cheek, sure… Actually, no; I have great fucking hair. It’s that fucking nice! Okay? But seriously, one would think that I would be nice to myself. But I’m not. The clichè that we’re our own worst critic is true. However, I’ve somehow taken […]

Trinkets n Stuff

Stationery shops always make me think of my late grandmother… She’d take me into Stockwell and Binney, in Ontario, as a kid. Whenever I see a stationery I buy something… Usually pens pencils. Always puts a smile on my face.

Two Years in the Making…

All I know is that whatever brought me here started two years ago. All I know is that tomorrow I finish what I started… To everyone who’s been there for me through all of this; this journey… Words fail me… Just thank you. For everything.  

Email is the Arch Nemesis of Project Management

There I was. Typing up a half-page long email to a client. The adrenaline was flowing. I was at a point where I needed to take a stand for myself. It’s not because my client was abusing me or anything, they just needed to understand how I work. My client had shot over some changes […]

A Letter to My Niece

My “niece” asked if I’d have a talk with her, or tell her what I know about business, networking and some other shit. Sure, sure. I’ll get to it. Well, I did… Eventually. Took me a couple of months. It wasn’t until my Cousin, my “niece’s” mother, asked “would you have a talk with her? […]

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