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Alex Has Nice Hair

I'm a WordPress Developer, based in Los Angeles. I run a Digital Creative Agency, called DigiSavvy. I can't resist a Hendricks… Oh, and I've got some nice hair.

Category / Development

WordPress, Composer, Desktop Server and You

The actual guide to this post is at the bottom. Click here for the tl;dr version. =) I recently wrote about my pet project that I built a site for. In messing around with that project, I’d learned a good deal about Gulp build tools and all the neat things they can do. Yet, one […]

Deploying Your Shit

Just thought I’d share a little tool I’m using at Website Weekend: Dploy — I’m a happy Beanstalk user because they can host my code via Git and then deploy it if I want. It’s sweet… However, I was a little stuck because I don’t have any available slots on my Beanstalk account for the project […]