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Chris Lema

Some Like it Neat Child Theme

I put together an uber-simple child theme, called “Neat Child”, which you can download here (

This theme isn’t for the faint of heart. That is, it’s not yet easily customizable, whether you use it as a parent theme or as a starter theme. Either way, there’s a curve to learning it. The good news is that I don’t think it’s all that hard to get ramped up. Obviously, the big thing here is that you should learn SASS, if you really want to use the theme.

If you have any thoughts on the theme feel free to let me know.


If you’re coasting through life you’re going downhill.

— Mehrdad Modjtahedi

Recent Linkage

The past month has seen me in this frenzied state of trying to complete projects and learn as much as I could about a few different topics before I headed out of town (which I am happy to say: I’m out of town now!). That said, I wanted to drop some links that have kept me coming back of late…

Quick Update on ‘Some Like it Neat.’

I’m still plugging away, learning and tweaking ‘Some Like it Neat.’ If you recall, it’s a project I started putting together a couple of weeks ago leading up to WordCamp Las Vegas. I’d love some more feedback/contributions, obviously.

Things to be added:

  1. Page Templates — Archive, Left/Right Sidebars, improved 404
  2. Post Format Templates — The theme already comes with post format support baked-in; I’d like to offer more specific page templating for post formats however.
  3. Internationalization aka i18n. I’d like to distribute this theme in the WP repo at some point.
  4. Customizer tweaks. Nothing crazy, but I’d like users to manage a few key areas of the theme.
  5. Microformatting — I know very little about this, so I’ll be reading up and pinging my friends on this.

Things to take away?

Perfection is achieved not when there is more to add, but when there is nothing more…


How to Get the Most Out of a WordCamp

WordCamps are a great, great time. As someone who has spoken at a couple of WordCamps, attended several more and even co-organized one; I can tell you, from different perspectives, that they are worth your time and attendance.

They give an opportunity to meet new folks, network and learn something new in the process. Also, you get  a chance to really connect with some of the well=known players in the WordPress space and bounce ideas off of them and soak it all up!

I realize you all may know this already. “But, Alex,” you ask; “how can I get the very most out of a WordCamp?” Young Padawan learner, I can help you and give you the answers you…


My Hair

This blog is called “Alex Has Nice Hair.” And, really, it’s not all that nice. I mean, it is; if we’re being honest it’s a lot nicer than yours probably. Okay, that’s my narcissist spitting truth. =)

I don’t obsess over my hair. I promise! But I hated getting my hair as a kid. Why? Because you always want what you don’t have. I had an afro-tastic explosion of fiery red locks. The kind of locks that old liver-spotted people would comment on and touch; the kind that other asshole kids would make fun of a kid for; the kind that would cause your mom to tell the kind barber “No, no. Just a bit over his eyes.” Yeah, that didn’t do me many favors.

My mom dropped me off at the barber’s one day and she couldn’t stay to watch…